Patient Information

Terms And Conditions Of Payment

Payment Terms
We require payment in full at the time of consultation and treatment (unless with prior arrangement - see below).

With Insurance
Please contact your insurance company to clarify your policy and obtain a "prior approval". We provide you a written estimate of costs and information required at the time of consultation.

Payment can be made directly to us and claimed back from your insurance company.
Alternatively, if you prefer your insurance company to pay us directly, we require a prior approval number before surgery. An invoice will be given to you directly and this invoice must be forwarded to your insurance company by you.

Any non - payment , part payment  or late payment  by your insurance company is the full responsibility of the patient.  

Without Insurance
All fees are payable  at the time of surgery.
If you are having IV sedation then payment is required immediately prior to surgery.
If the surgery is at a private hospital then payment is required at our rooms no later than 48 hours prior to admission.

ACC Patients
Consultations and X-ray charges
ACC does not cover our full costs of consultations or x-rays.
A part charge will be payable by the patient.

Surgery undertaken for ACC normally requires prior approval.
The surgery costs maybe partially or totally covered by ACC.

Cancelled Appointments
We reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee if appointments are cancelled within 48 hours of scheduled time.

Payment Options
We accept Mastercard, Visa, EFTPOS, cheque, cash and internet banking.